Practical Introduction to Facilitating Classroom Debates

ONLINE Wednesday, November 16

8:00-11:00 AM (NY) / 2:00-5:00 PM (Vienna)

The Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences Pedagogy (CLASP) and the Global Debate Network invite faculty from across the network to join us for a 3-hour hands-on, interactive workshop on facilitating classroom debates. We will walk through the various steps of organizing classroom debates – setting a debate topic, choosing a debate format, assigning the debate, preparing students, and grading the debate – as well as the various pedagogical functions of debate – public speaking, critical thinking, research, close reading, argument construction, and analytic writing. We will also discuss specific strategies for hosting virtual/online debates.

Please note: Space is limited. Please only register if you are able to join us for the entire 3-hour session.