Studies in Student-Centered Teaching and Learning around the Globe

Volume 1: Spring 2024


Cultivating Community, Comfort, and Creativity
Empowering Curiosity Through Writing Based Teaching Practices
Julia Carey Arendell, Bard Early College New Orleans
In the Field with Writing and Thinking (Literally)
How does the pedagogy of the Institute of Writing and Thinking (IWT) contribute to the ethos and delivery of Black Mountains College (BMC), Wales?
How can IWT reinforce/engage with students and tutors with a more embodied and creative approach, initially focusing upon the delivery of further education programs offered at BMC?
Lynn Clausen, Black Mountains College

Focused Freewriting, Writing by Hand and Reading Aloud as used in a Text and Meaning Classroom

Makafui Aku-Sika Cudjoe, Ashesi University
Connected and significant learning through meaningful writing experiences
The case of a small Liberal Arts and Sciences university in Burma

Romina de Jong, Parami University

Spotting the Central Legal Issue and Reflecting On It
Using Writing in the Zones to Help Students Become Competent in Legal Reasoning in a Problem-Based Learning Contract Law Course

Juan Carlos Durán-Uribe, Universidad de los Andes

Improving Communication Skills Through Virtual Discussions

Ekaterina Galimova, American University of Central Asia
Emilienne Idorenyin Akpan, American University of Nigeria
Mia Sasaki, Parami University
Writing About and Beyond Palestine
How Writing Practices Impact Thinking Among Palestinian Students About Their Cause for Liberation
Issam Khoury, Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences
Capstone Project
Senem Konedareva, American University in Bulgaria
Writing as Research and Research through Writing
Reflections from Piloting an Academic Writing Workshop in English for Doctoral Research Scholars in a Multilingual University in India
Sanjay Kumar, Central European University
A Case Study of Writing as Active Learning in Gateway Undergraduate Mathematics
Model in Calculus I
Amanda Landi, Faculty of Mathematics, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Writing Practices for Learning

Embedding Writing-Based Learning Activities to Develop Students’ Reflective & Critical Thinking Skills for Engaged Learning
Dale Mineshima-Lowe, Birkbeck, University of London
Innovative Newark
Creating Engaged Citizens in the Global City
Jazmin Puicón, Bard Early College Newark
How Do Teachers and Students Conceptualize Writing?
Narratives from an Undergraduate Law Degree Program in London.
Mayur Suresh, SOAS University of London
In Praise of the Open-Ended Process Note
Jane Wanninger, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Cover art: Amanda Landi, Bard College at Simon’s Rock