ChatGPT and Liberal Arts & Sciences Pedagogy: An Exploratory Workshop

ONLINE Tuesday, March 21, 2023

8:30–11:30 (NY) / 13:30–16:30 (Vienna) | Note the time change!

Sammy and Beka are not entirely convinced that ChatGPT is ready to write CLASP workshop descriptions.

The OSUN Center for Liberal Arts & Sciences Pedagogy (IWT CLASP) and the OSUN LAS Collaborative (LAS Collab) invite you to participate in a workshop dedicated to pedagogical questions and concerns regarding the OpenAI writing program: ChatGPT. While we know that every faculty member and institution will find their own way with AI writing, we also know that IWT CLASP practices support and encourage writing that is specific to each individual student, while nurturing a multiplicity of voices in the classroom. This workshop aims to share how writing-based teaching practices can be helpful to faculty in this new era of ChatGPT. This session will be experiential—faculty will experiment with writing-based teaching practices by doing them, paying particular attention to which strategies might help to address some of the ChatGPT (AI) related concerns we’ve encountered or expect to encounter.

Please register for this workshop here. We plan to keep this workshop small, so only register if you are certain you are able to fully attend.

We also ask that you sign up for a ChatGPT account (they are free) and explore its functions before the workshop.