"Who is the University?"

ONLINE Tuesday, May 9, 2023
9:00–11:00 (NY) / 15:00–17:00 (Vienna)
Joint Workshop Series: CEU’s Developing Teaching Professionals Projects

OSUN IWT CLASP and CEU’s Developing Teaching Professionals projects invite OSUN colleagues to participate in the first of a two-part event exploring what an inclusive university in a global alliance looks like. The first session, taking place on May 9th, will consider the question, Who is the university?, by examining its actual “body,” e.g. students, faculty, and other critical stakeholders in thinking and learning. We will focus on the ways in which the university can open itself up to first-generation students, non-traditional learners and researchers, and other underrepresented groups. We will also discuss and compare models (and possibilities) of change in the university based on assimilation, structural change, and accessibility.

Both workshops will be interactive and will conclude with forward-facing action plans.


Aysuda Kolemen

Aysuda Kölemen

Professor of Political Science at Bard Berlin and OSUN Threatened Scholars Coordinator
Aysuda Kölemen received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Georgia, Athens, USA in 2010. Her research interests include public opinion and discourses on redistribution, politics of new religiosities, and democratic backsliding. She is currently working on authoritarianization and civil resistance in Turkey.
Tom Sperlinger

Tom Sperlinger

Academic Lead, Black Mountains College

Tom Sperlinger is a professor at the University of Bristol and academic lead for Black Mountains College, a new college dedicated to education at a time of climate emergency. He is author of Romeo and Juliet in Palestine (2015) and co-author of Who are universities for? (2018)
Dumaine Williams

Dumaine Williams

Vice President and Dean of the Bard Early Colleges
Dumaine Williams is Bard College’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice President & Dean of the Early Colleges. In these roles Dumaine oversees aspects of student life at the Bard Annandale campus as well as academic programming for the Bard Early Colleges—a national network of schools where students receive up to 60 college credits and an associate in arts degree from Bard College, alongside a high school diploma.
Ain Ul-Khair

Ain Ul-Khair

PhD student and researcher at Central European University
Ain is a scholar from Kashmir currently pursuing her Ph.D. in International Relations at Central European University, Vienna. Ain’s Ph.D. dissertation is an interdisciplinary project which focuses on the inter-generational transformation of the colonised body with a focus on the body in formation itself and the associated process of memory-making and its intricate relationship with nostalgia, grief as body (ghost) personified, and the duality of the colonised body as a site of/for violence. Ain is also currently a Teaching Fellow at Princeton University.
This event is open to all members of the OSUN community. Please register here by May 6.

The second event will take place on Tuesday, May 16, and will explore the question: What is teaching at the university?